8 Seater Taxis

8 Seater Taxis that can be booked online

8 Seater taxi

The 8 seater taxis may vary in size but all can carry 8 passengers the main difference is normally found in the size of the luggage area.

When you book a cab online you will be asked how many passengers are travelling.

The website will return a price for the selected amount and maybe larger options like the 8 seater taxis commonly known as minibus taxis.

Having a larger taxi can bring all of you to your destination together, saving you the expense of having to order more than one taxi.



 8 Seater Taxis Luggage Information:

Nº of Passengers 8

8 Passengers

Nº of Large Bags 8

8 Large Bags

Nº of Small Bags 8

8 Small Bags

Luggage Dimensions

25cm x 50cm x 76cm

15cm x 30cm x 40cm





The luggage space in an 8 seater taxi

The luggage space in an 8 seater taxis this can vary but in most case it will carry 8 medium suitcases.