Estate Taxis

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Our modern up-to-date Estate car taxis can easily carry up to four (4) passengers and a larger amount luggage for those who need it.

All of the estate taxis are comfortable and clean as well as strictly non-smoking and all are equipped with air conditioning as well as satellite navigation (GPS) to aid your journey as this enables the driver to have up to the second traffic information such as traffic delays, congestion, etc. on route.

Estate taxis are excellent for airport transfers, school runs as well as private hire point to point journeys that need to handle an extra amount of equipment and/or luggage.


The extra load space is ideal if you are planning a getaway that requires you to transport large equipment such as fishing, golfing or skiing. The estate minicab can comfortably handle most loads for up to four passengers.

Nº of Passengers 4

4 passengers

Nº of Large Bags 4

4 Large Bags

Nº of Small Bags 4

4 Small Bags

Luggage Dimensions

25cm x 50cm x 76cm

15cm x 30cm x 40cm


Estate taxis and Minicabs and awkward luggage